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Laidback Looks for Summer

July 15, 2019

Every year, July always seems to spring up out of nowhere. The first day of summer comes and goes, and a couple weeks later we’re packing up our vinyl tablecloths, potato chips, and fireworks to celebrate our nation’s independence on the Fourth of July. Since it’s such a laid-back holiday to dress for, let your low-key outfit from the Fourth inspire the rest of your July style! Below are a few ways to put some patriotic pep in your step with your wardrobe.

If you’re taking the denim route…do it twice! The double-denim look still hasn’t gone out of style, and I love the look of a denim jacket tied around the waist paired with denim shorts. Although it’s generally a grunge look, I’ve always felt it gives a feminine twist on edgy cutoffs—almost like a version of a skort. If the waist-tie isn’t your thing, top your denim shorts (or skirt!) with a chambray tank and red neck scarf for a chic twist on a classic American look.

With scrunchies back in style, tying up your hair on a hot summer day makes way for a fun accessory rather than using a simple hair tie. If you’re pulling your hair back with a red-white-and-blue scrunchie, look for neck or shoulder details on tanks or tees at your local Style Encore that will be proudly on display instead of covered by your hair. Don’t forget to pick up some chic and sporty gently-used tennis shoes or secondhand sandals to complete the look!

While there are lots of ways to incorporate red, white, and blue without taking out your American flag tee year after year, there are also ways to incorporate Independence Day-inspired style without primary color overload as the month goes on. Stars and stripes are a simple enough pattern and can be found in dozens of neutral hues as well—black and white, olive green, or whatever floats your boat. After all, it’s a free country—might as wear what you want in our lovely land of the free and the home of the brave!

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford | @truelane